In one  of my classes I am learning to write opinion pieces. That should be pretty easy for me, because I am definitely an opinionated person. And that might be an understatement.

For example, I think people are too sensitive, especially when it comes to someone having a differing opinion.

I have always been passionate about agriculture, and I just realized that I have never really talked about that on here. And what better post to start on than this one?

I recently read an article concerning the health differences in meat-eaters and vegetarians. And your prediction on this article: “Don’t eat meat, it’s so bad for you, vegetarians are healthier, blah, blah blah.” Well, you’re wrong. Finally, there is a study to show more than just BMI and cholesterol differences. This study focuses on the other health issues related to vegetarian diets, such as allergies, cancer, heart conditions, and mental conditions.

“Overall, vegetarians were found to be in a poorer state of health compared to other dietary groups,” according to the article.

The article also explained that people with a vegetarian diet tend to make poorer health care choices than those who eat meat. They tend to avoid vaccinations and preventive care.

Reading the study, the most overwhelming statistics were the percentage of people with a vegetarian diet who suffer from mental health problems and allergies. 9.4% of vegetarians suffer from some mental health condition, while those eating a carnivorous diet are in the 4.5-5.8% range. 30.6% of vegetarians have problems with allergies, while the number of meat-eaters is only 16.7-20.3%. The meat-eater range is made up of three groups dependent on the concentration of meat, fruits and vegetables consumed.

I also read in the study that vegetarians have an overall lower quality of life than meat-eaters based on social interactions, physical health, and environment. Although vegetarians do tend to have a lower BMI, they also tend to report more chronic illnesses than meat-eaters.

I came across this article on Facebook, and many of the comments accompanied with it were along the lines of “finally, an article saying what we already know!” Well, I would have to agree. I have always felt that all of the meat-eaters I know are generally happier and healthier than the few vegetarians I know.

I remember an anecdote I heard a few years ago from my show calf breeder. She said she ran into someone she knew after several years of not seeing them. She noticed that he didn’t look as healthy as she remembered – he was still pretty young, but his hair was white, his skin was thin and gray, and he was thin and sickly-looking. They got to talking, and it turned out he had stopped eating meat and switched to a vegetarian diet several years back. As soon as she heard this, she knew that was the explanation for his appearance.

Everything I have ever learned about eating meat points to it being the healthiest lifestyle overall. I am glad this study came about, because it is statistical data stating the same thing agriculturalists teach and learn, and the comparison is between vegetarians and meat-eaters consuming varying levels of meat, fruit and vegetable consumption.

This study really does tell us what we already know – bacon is equal to happiness.


If you want to check out the article and the study yourself, here’s the URLs.



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