Chocolate. And a little more chocolate.

Super Bowl Sunday is an implied junk food day, right? Good, because now I don’t feel so bad about what I just made. What is the best thing ever — red velvet, oreos or just plain chocolate? How about all three?

I was browsing pinterest one day and found a recipe for Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars. There is not a single word that sounds bad. Like, seriously. What could possibly be bad about red velvet oreo truffle brownie bars? NOTHING, that’s what. I wanted to make them immediately, but they looked like a calorie factory, so I passed. Until today.

I figured we needed something to follow up our pizza while watching the Super Bowl, so I pulled up the recipe and whipped it together. Let me just say — fabulous!

The recipe came from It is super easy to make and didn’t really take very long. All you need is a box of cake mix, a box of pudding mix, eggs, oil, butter, oreos, cream cheese, chocolate bark, chocolate chips and a pair of tennis shoes. The shoes are to run off the billion calories you consume, btw.

The directions are simple enought:

1. Make the red velvet brownies

2. Cool the brownies

3. Make oreo truffle

4. Put it on the brownies

5. Melt chocolate

6. Put that on top

7. Add chocolate chips to make it pretty

8. Eat

9. Drink milk because it’s so rich

10. Wallow in self-loathing

Fool-proof, right? I thought so. I would post pictures, but brilliant me forgot to take any. Oh, well. Next time.

Here is the link to the website so that you can try these decadent morsels for yourself. And I highly recommend trying them.


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