Back at Starbucks

I just really want a Venti Iced Hazelnut Macchiato with an extra shot right now. Too bad I’m broke.

So I am really really really really REALLY excited about the next few days. Tomorrow: satellite. Friday: payday and internet. Saturday: short shift at work. This is seriously going to be the best weekend ever. It will totally make up for having to be up by 8 in the morning to wait for the Direct TV installer to get to my house at who knows what time. Oh well. It will be better for me than my typical morning routine as of late. I have been waking up around 9:30 to let Bitsy outside with the other dogs and then going back to bed until around 12. Oops.

In my boredom at home today, I decided to curl my hair and dig around for some spare change so that I can get a corndog on the way to work. 99 cent corndogs during happy hour has made my life incredible. During my search, I found two quarters in my car and got so excited that I think I almost had a heart attack. So yeah, I’m a bit broke. And now I’m sitting here in Starbucks waiting until it’s time to leave for work. It’s not nearly as cold in here as yesterday, which is nice, but the coffee smell is driving me bonkers because I know that I can’t have any. Dear Starbucks, I pinky promise that I will be back on Friday to actually BUY something instead of just using your free wi-fi.

Most people know that I am pretty addicted to coffee. I have been having issues with my coffee maker lately, and that is causing issues with my ability to tolerate people. But maybe I will put a dent into breaking this addiction by not being able to have a cup every morning. Not that it will do much good since school starts in like two and a half weeks and I will just go right back to drinking half of a pot every day. And the whole Starbucks between home and work thing is probably not going to be good on my wallet.

This is probably the most pointless post to date. I think that I just really wanted everyone to know how much I want coffee right now. Because I think that everyone in the world cares about my life. Ha. Anyways, just about time to go get my corndog and go to work. Later, y’all!


It would be!

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