You might be a broke college kid if…

Today I had a “I shouldn’t be broke enough to know that” moment and it made me think of all of the other similar moments I have had since I have been living on my own. Therefore, I have created my own little spin-off of Jeff Foxworthy’s oh-so-famous “you might be a redneck” jokes. If you can relate to any of these, you might be a broke college kid, or at least at one point in life you were. 

You might be a broke college kid if:

  • You know exactly how far you can drive after your gas light comes on
  • You have ever used Taco Bell hot sauce to make Raamen Noodles better
  • You have ever survived a day or two on nothing but old popcorn and peanut butter
  • You know exactly how much the cheapest meal in town is because you have dug exact change out of your car multiple times
  • You have abandoned your resolve of never using public transportation because the campus bus is free
  • You accept any free food, no matter what it is
  • The majority of your wardrobe consists of t-shirts that you got for free at campus events
  • You have ever sold your blood*
  • You feel rich if you find a five dollar bill
  • Freezer burn doesn’t bother you
  • You have ever had to decide whether food or a prescription is more important
  • You plan your day around Sonic’s happy hour
  • You started working at a restaurant just for the free food

Honestly, this is a very minimal list. But, I think I have hit the high points of being broke. It makes it tough sometimes, but I always make it through my super broke times, and salvation always comes just as I am getting desperate, usually in the form of payday or birthday/Christmas cards. It also helps to know that I am working hard towards a degree so that hopefully one day I won’t have to worry about these things and will maybe be able to have a real supper every now and again.

*This is the only item on this list that does not apply to me personally, although I have considered it many times and only opted out because of my irrational fear of needles.

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