Baking and crafting and puppies and reading — these are a few of my favorite things. Oh, and wine. Can’t forget the wine.

The name’s Codi. It’s short for Codizzle and long for C.

I am a senior at Texas Tech, but who knows how long that will last. I spend all of my time at school and work — almost literally. But that is okay because I’m learnin’ and earnin’. I am majoring in agricultural communications, and I hope to work in public relations one day, but for now, working in pizza is a lot of fun.

Creativity is my outlet. I like cooking and baking, especially when I can just throw something together and have it come out delicious. I believe in salt, pepper and garlic, but not the oxford comma. A cookie can satisfy a sweet tooth and a brownie can heal a broken heart. My house is covered in glitter, yarn and dog hair, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I have always loved to read — maybe a little bit too much. Once I start reading a good book, I won’t even put it down to eat or sleep until I’m finished. My mom has told me to stop reading and watch a movie late at night when she knows I have to be up early. I get emotionally attached to my books, and the last one I read left me so scarred that I didn’t think I would make it into work.

My dogs are my babies. Sometimes I forget that they are dogs and not people. I’m kind of in love with miniature dachshunds, so I have two of them, and I will talk about them a lot. The older one is Bitsy, AKA Darth Vader, AKA the princess. She is black and tan and a little bit special. The younger one is Sissy, but we call her Squirt. She is a dappled little girl and the cutest puppy there ever was.

I love Dr. Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and Divergent. Oh, and Delirium, but that one hasn’t hit the big screen yet, although I look forward to the day it does.

I love Texas, I love the Texans, I love Texas Tech and I love Jesus. I hope you can find something I write about to tickle your fancy or at least cure your chocolate craving.


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